Bitesize Beo - conversation practise

Bitesize Beo for our Grow members is our group conversation practise call. 

It’s a scripted role-play, with chances to ask the fluent instructor questions afterwards. The script allows you to practise beforehand if you wish. The sessions are available regardless of your level of spoken Irish.

Schedule of Bitesize Beo calls

Each session is facilitated by a fluent instructor. Grow members can choose between these two sessions:

Session A: 10am Tuesdays (Irish Time)

Depending on the current timezone you’re in, and summer or winter time, this is approximately:
  • 5am Eastern Standard Time (New York) – for early risers!
  • 10am Irish time
  • 11am Central European Time
  • 5pm China Standard Time
  • 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • 9pm New Zealand Standard Time
Please check your local time to ensure the correct time. When we announce the session each week, the announcement includes the precise time of the session.

Session B: 8pm Tuesdays (Irish Time)

This has been our standard session time up until now and is well attended! Depending on current timezones, this is approximately:
  • 12pm Pacific Daylight Time (L.A.)
  • 3pm Eastern Standard Time (New York)
  • 8pm Irish time
  • 9pm Central European Time

Bitesize Beo FAQ

How Can I Join Bitesize Beo Sessions?

Assuming that you’ve signed up as a Grow member, we coordinate sessions on Bitesize Pobal (our private learners forum). There, we post each week, and you can reply there to say you’ll attend. We link to that week’s conversation script, so you can practise it beforehand if you wish.

What Level Of Learner Do I Have To Be?

As long as you’re an active learner, all you need to do is bring your curiosity (and sometimes it takes a little courage!). Bitesize Beo sessions are open to Irish language learning members of all levels.

What’s The Structure Of A Bitesize Beo Call?

The group calls are held on Zoom and last an hour. They facilitated by a fluent instructor.
You first go into separate breakout rooms, and practise the conversation in role play in small groups of two or three people.
Then we come back as a group, and the instructor points out interesting learning items form the conversation.
We often finish up with the chance to answer more open-ended questions in Irish, to apply the conversation to your own life.

How Can I Join As A Grow Member?

Check out our memberships page, and sign up for the Grow membership plan. You’ll then get instant access to Aistear, our Irish language learning platform with self-paced online Irish language courses, and an invite to Bitesize Pobal.

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